Award Winner: Innovators of the Year

Year: 2022

Event: Top 30 Innovative Companies to Watch 2022

Organization: CEOViews

Innovator Award

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Award Winner: Risk Management Solutions

Year: 2021

Event: Top 10 Smart Medical Device Solutions and Impacting the Industry

Organization: MED TECH (US)

RdQCC Award

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Risk Search Engine

Year: 2020

Event: Covid-19 response is a free risk search engine. It allows users to proactively predict product risks in real time. It is built by cutting-edge technology such as Natural Language Process, Big Data, and Machine Learning.



RdPDM V3.0

Year: 2018

Event: Gangu, China

Gangu Flag



RdPDM V2.0

Year: 2016

Event: Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina

Mt. Aconcagua



RdPDM V1.0

Year: 2015

Event: Mt. Kilimanjora, Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjora